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Montag, 20. Februar 2012

My white-pink piece

I made a cushion from this piece. Everything we learned fro Karen Ruane I used in this piece and I want to let it for my grandson as a heirloom  

An other cushion for my grandson in white blue.

I like this technique from Karen Ruane. Every part of this cushion are special 
I want to remember him on his 5. birthday who was on 13 3. 2012

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Finished bottom of my piece

My whole white-white piece

It is not definitely finished, but on the way... I have to make more puffs and chinese knots for the bottom seam. I can say, it is a work of 6 weeks. A long time for one piece, but I think every good thing needs time to get well.

Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Finished white-white piece

I am so glad that my first piece of white-white are finished. I mean the top. Next week Karen will share us how to make the background and to edge the puffin or some els on the seam . I am looking forward to
make all this.

For this piece I made some puffs and chinese knots.

An other block I made in white and pink.