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Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Hi, today I want to share you my lesson-work from Karen Ruane`s class. My PC was, is stil broken therefor I bought a new laptop to see the vidios from Karen for our lesson. Now I am happy. I can contact every friends from this wonderful groupe. I was unsure beceause of the intention of Karen, but now I could finish my first white-white block.
Here it is.

I share you 2 photos, hopening that you can see something. Both photos I made are not well. To make photos from white fabrics are so dificult.
Now I used french knotes, crosstitches and webstitches, I put 2 buttons and prair points.
You can see what I did.
I hope I can make an other better photo to morrow.

So, now you can see better what I did. Karens course are a very good teaching-class. We all learned so many from her and the course are going on. I will share you more in the next days.

Hi, the secund block are ready. We had to make honeycomb and rouleau loops, prairie points and cross stitches.
Looke what I made.

I must stretch the piece, then it will be better.

Now see the both blocks together. I am not sure how I will pool these, bat my first idea was this.

Maybe I will change the pooling. It is not important now. I need more blocks.