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Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Montag, 30. April 2012

Table cloth

I am beginning a new piece, a table-cloth in blue-white checked. I think on a cloth in country-stile, but using a design of crazy quilt , patchwork and extending embellishment. I use fabrics in many other checked colors and forms.

The embroidery I have use are french knots, web stitches and some others.
Cutwork, hexagons and apliques of hearts.

On some place I will use also scrim and scrim lace.

After 4 weeks

My Tabla-cloth are finished. Look now how it is 

Here I had stretch it in 3 followings 

Than I put the prairie points

And just on Mothers-day it was on my Table 

I an so happy that I could finish such a big project.

Now I will beginn an other white project.

Dienstag, 24. April 2012

An other finished piece

Now my blue-white-piece are finished. I wanted to introduce so many as possible techniques from Karens class. So I made cutwork, wrappings, scrimwork, I putted pompons and dangles and used a mirror and many,many french knots and web stitches.

It is not so big like the pink-white-piece, but it is perfecter then the other work. I am glad,that I have finished it now.

Samstag, 21. April 2012


Today I ordered my Photo-book in which I collected every photos I made in Karens class under the title:
"Extending embellishment"

Few pages of my book

I am glad that I made this book for the future.

Freitag, 20. April 2012

Crazy Quilt Europe 

Today I could finish a new block for our group . It was a pleasure to work on this block - ton in ton - white-creamy .
I like to work on crazy quilt blocks. I fouled in love with this kind of work and I think I will be in love every time.
This block are for Ritva and I hope she will like it. I did it with many love for her.

Wish you all a very nice weekend.

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Preparing a big piece 

I did add all the samples I made in this new course, and want to make a big piece, a wall hanger with all the techniques. 
And now here are the finished wall hanger.

I am glad to be ready. I thing I will begin an other piece in white blue and then I will make every thing better. 

Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

Stump-work and Gold-work

Yes I did it. Stump-work and Gold-work in one piece.

It is not a easy work. I had to make the leaves and then lay on the gold thread.
I love this work, it are similar as the nun-work from the monastery 

Montag, 2. April 2012

Crazy Quilt Europe

I have finished Annamaria`s block. I am happy and I hope she will like it.

I like to make stumpwork and so I made for Annamaria this flower.

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

I am a student...

Hi dear friends,

I want to share you what I am doing sins 3 weeks.
I am a student at Karen Ruane `s class Extending Embellishment We learned so many from her and she is a very good teacher.
I could not found out what the final are of this course. She goes with us step by step in a world I never know before. A world of delicate fabrics and creativity

We worked with thin cotton, silk, muslin, but most with scrim. I did not know what scrim are, but now I like it. It is the delicatest fabric and it looks so pretty and so stunning.

Then we worked with silk paper. O yes, with paper. I was so consternated when I heard about working on paper. 

My first work was a disaster. The paper pulled over under my fingers and I did not know how to rule it.
Then I had my first success.

On the left side this is paper, on the right side this is scrim, in the middle part this is scrim with french knots and embroidered hankies.
Now you can understand what Karen means with extending embellishment. The highest measure of creativity.

Look at this sample. I must say, I love it.

An other sample. Many scrim embroidered. 

And then the bigger one.

Paper, scrim on cotton. Buttons and a rhinestone in the center. 

Later I added a wonderful part I love very much.

This part with the embroidered rose are done with scrim lace.
You want to know what a scrim lace are? I will share you this lace.

It is machine embroidered.

We have still 3 weeks in our course. I am wondering what Karen will teach us more.

Today I made a new work. Rushing with cotton tape. Not so easy, but I did it.

Sonntag, 4. März 2012

CQ Goose egg

CQ Goose egg by bim48 Magdalena
CQ Goose egg, a photo by bim48 Magdalena on Flickr.

Today I tried to make a CQ on a real goose egg.

Diesmal versuchte ich einen CQ an einem echten Gänseei auszuprobieren. Ist mir gelungen. 

Freitag, 2. März 2012

The other side of my pebble.

My first pebble.
 I fouled in love with this kind of work and I had to make it also as a gift for my daughter in law. I had many joy working it.

Montag, 20. Februar 2012

My white-pink piece

I made a cushion from this piece. Everything we learned fro Karen Ruane I used in this piece and I want to let it for my grandson as a heirloom  

An other cushion for my grandson in white blue.

I like this technique from Karen Ruane. Every part of this cushion are special 
I want to remember him on his 5. birthday who was on 13 3. 2012

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Finished bottom of my piece

My whole white-white piece

It is not definitely finished, but on the way... I have to make more puffs and chinese knots for the bottom seam. I can say, it is a work of 6 weeks. A long time for one piece, but I think every good thing needs time to get well.

Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Finished white-white piece

I am so glad that my first piece of white-white are finished. I mean the top. Next week Karen will share us how to make the background and to edge the puffin or some els on the seam . I am looking forward to
make all this.

For this piece I made some puffs and chinese knots.

An other block I made in white and pink.