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Sonntag, 25. März 2012

I am a student...

Hi dear friends,

I want to share you what I am doing sins 3 weeks.
I am a student at Karen Ruane `s class Extending Embellishment We learned so many from her and she is a very good teacher.
I could not found out what the final are of this course. She goes with us step by step in a world I never know before. A world of delicate fabrics and creativity

We worked with thin cotton, silk, muslin, but most with scrim. I did not know what scrim are, but now I like it. It is the delicatest fabric and it looks so pretty and so stunning.

Then we worked with silk paper. O yes, with paper. I was so consternated when I heard about working on paper. 

My first work was a disaster. The paper pulled over under my fingers and I did not know how to rule it.
Then I had my first success.

On the left side this is paper, on the right side this is scrim, in the middle part this is scrim with french knots and embroidered hankies.
Now you can understand what Karen means with extending embellishment. The highest measure of creativity.

Look at this sample. I must say, I love it.

An other sample. Many scrim embroidered. 

And then the bigger one.

Paper, scrim on cotton. Buttons and a rhinestone in the center. 

Later I added a wonderful part I love very much.

This part with the embroidered rose are done with scrim lace.
You want to know what a scrim lace are? I will share you this lace.

It is machine embroidered.

We have still 3 weeks in our course. I am wondering what Karen will teach us more.

Today I made a new work. Rushing with cotton tape. Not so easy, but I did it.


  1. you have done so much beautiful work!! I love it....

    1. Thank you Karen. You did a very good job for us.