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Montag, 30. April 2012

Table cloth

I am beginning a new piece, a table-cloth in blue-white checked. I think on a cloth in country-stile, but using a design of crazy quilt , patchwork and extending embellishment. I use fabrics in many other checked colors and forms.

The embroidery I have use are french knots, web stitches and some others.
Cutwork, hexagons and apliques of hearts.

On some place I will use also scrim and scrim lace.

After 4 weeks

My Tabla-cloth are finished. Look now how it is 

Here I had stretch it in 3 followings 

Than I put the prairie points

And just on Mothers-day it was on my Table 

I an so happy that I could finish such a big project.

Now I will beginn an other white project.

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